I am inspired by the colors found in my Northern California environment and in simple daily pleasures, from the subtle grays of the fog to the creamy browns of my morning latte.


With wood as my canvas, I hand-apply multiple layers of paint and glaze in

unique color blends, resulting in rich, deep-hued finishes. The subtle

variety of colors and the way they highlight the wood's natural grain patterns

create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Birch & Brush bowls are high-quality solid wood and made in the United States by one of the few remaining wood mills. Every now and then, I find a beautiful vintage bowl that is

just waiting for its second life.


In addition to bowls, the collection is gradually expanding to include a line of food safe bowls,

trays, coasters, and other home and lifestyle accessories. 


There are endless uses for a Birch & Brush bowl and whatever you place in it,

even if nothing at all, it will add an element of timeless style to your home.




Birch & Brush was born from my belief in the

power of art to transform. This conviction is perfectly represented by the birch tree, which is not only beautiful, but symbolizes growth, new beginnings, renewal, stability,

and the promise of what is to come. 


I hope that my work will bring you as much joy

and inspiration as it has brought me.